Learn to bake like a pro!

Are you a complete novice or looking to brush up your skills? Our classes are good fun and open to people of all levels 16 years and older. View our calendar of classes.

What’s included

Everything you need is provided: all ingredients, utensils, equipment, recipes, a lovely apron to take home as well as afternoon tea to keep your energy up! You will be taking home A LOT of baking so we suggest you bring at least two large carrier bags. 

Your teacher

Seventh generation baker Iain Campbell is recognised within the British baking industry as a highly skilled craftsman and has won many awards including the prestigious British Confectioners’ Association Challenge Cup in 2012. He has a wealth of baking knowledge which he loves to share and has trained two of his apprentices to win Young Scottish Baker of the Year in 2009 and 2014.


Campbell’s Bakery Baking Class Voucher

Baking Class Gift Voucher

Would you like to give the gift of baking knowledge but aren’t sure which class to choose? Our Baking Class Vouchers let your friend or family pick the class they are most interested in. Vouchers are £80. Just click on the image above to buy one.